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Dowsing Great Pyramid
Q. What is dowsing?

A. With the aid of one’s superconscious mind, using a suitable device, one may gain unseen information at a distance, (even through material barriers), about a person, creature, object, substance, place or ” thing” , beyond the limitations of one’s five senses and so-called logical, thinking mind.

Q. How is Dowsing done?

A. Combination of mental, emotional and intuitive faculties are focused, in right order, upon the object of one’s quest. Presently, the device moves beyond one’s physical control, according to a preestablished code.

One may also Map Dowse (remote locating by chart). With the aid of an instrument and pointer, the Dowser tracks lines, pathways and coordinates with far-off, fixed or moving objects.

Q. Must one be gifted to dowse?

A. No. Dowsing is an intuitional science and can be learned. Divining is not just a gift miraculously bestowed upon a ” few” .

Q. Can anyone learn to dowse?

A. Yes, with some rare exceptions. But the quality of Dowsing efforts do vary, depending upon how one approaches the work.
One develops one’s own intuitive apparatus through ESP But it is NOT Extra Sensory Perception. It is Extended Sensory Perception. There’s nothing extra about it. True Dowsing is an extension of one’s natural, feeling, intuitive perceptions.

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