Workshop Q & A – with Bill Cox

On Pyramids and Mummification ...

Here’s a general question that continually comes up for discussion:

Q. “Does scientific proof exist, that any pyramid can cause mummificaton?”

A. Abundant proof, established by laboratory experiments and other discoveries in this century, proves without a doubt, that a properly designed and constructed pyramid model – of open or enclosed framework and of any type or size – can produce biological dehydration, preservation and eventual mummification.

Investigating scientists have been repeatedly annoyed with inconsistent test results. But after years of qualified research and patient, scientific experimentation, Ventura, California engineer, Joe Parr, conclusively discovered that so-called Pyramid Power, varies according to the influences of high or low sunspot activities; full and new moon cylcles, and seasonal periods; such as spring, summer, fall and winter. Joe’s findings remind us that no matter how much we know about anything…, we need to always look beyond ….

See Dowsing PDF – page 22

About Pyramid Frame kits

P201 FULL KIT – 8 Aluminum Tubings Framework
P202 FULL KIT – 8 Copper Tubings Framework
P203 FULL KIT – 8 Galvanized Iron Tubings Framework
Q. I would like to know what the real difference is between these 3 kits. (Other than price difference.) Thank you.

A. The P205 Aluminum (open-frameworks – connecting corners kit) Pyramid, continues to be the most popular, indoor Meditation Model. Over the decades, the same style pyramid with copper surfaces has run a close second to the aluminum. We make no represenations that copper is superior; but over the years, certain people have prefered copper; claiming that they receive improved energy benefits and reactions while meditating inside of a model of this type. The galvanized iron frameworks, which are connected by aluminum corners, are ideal for out-of-doors use; for garden purposes. Also, the galvanized tubings are larger diameter and the entire model is heavier, and will withstand rougher use and extreme weathering better than the first two pyramids mentioned.

What is your research on "Pyramid Water"?

Q. What is your research and collected statements on “Pyramid Water” & what is the correct amount of time to put it under a Pyramid?

A. Decades of independent worldwide research, indicates that when water is placed in an open container on the floor of the Pyramid; such as a bowl for example, the water’s surface tension is noticeably altered within a few hours. Additionally, we received a number of reports attesting to water purification. I believe the quality and timing of the test would rely on various factors, such as how dirty the original specimen might have been; the site and immediate environment involved in the experiment, and whether the water was placed above or below the Pyramid. Results have been especially potent when the exposure was achieved near the apex – inside or outside of the model. It’s a fact that lower types of organisms that cause decay, putrefication or produce sluggish vibrations; these germs, bacteria, or whatever one labels them, don’t flourish within or near a Pyramid environment. Moreover, the taste of inferior liquids, such as cheap wines or stale orange juice, is apparently improved.

Integrity of a Pyramid Model

Pyramid Integrity

Q. When I hear about the integrity of a Pyramid Model I presume this refers to the angles as well as the materials used. With the angle at 51 deg 51 minutes as being correct do you have any idea how rapidly effectiveness of the pyramid falls off as the deviation away from that ideal increases. Is the reduction in energy more pronounced as the angle becomes more accurate or less accurate?

A. Any deviation from the Pyramid’s true angles of 51′ 51 degrees… may lessen the model’s effectiveness, but I believe if the numbers increase or decrease by more than a few degrees, the pyramid will still produce test results.

But the time required to achieve comparable results with a random replica, when placed alongside a properly constructed framework, the pseudo model will require substantially more time to produce the desired result.

I have no research to verify precise numbers, but as the deviations up or down increase, the outcome is lessened, and likely multiplies with ever increasing or diminishing measurements from the mean averages already suggested. Also, the tolerance for deviations in orientation from celestial north – beyond six degrees – can drastically affect the time-frame involved in most tests.